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Many buildings now require specific rating to prevent the transmission of noise from one are to another. These uses may be school music room or Recording Studios. However more recently, tighter regulatory Building Standard requirements have been introduced for example in Apartment Entrance doors in complexes or School Classrooms off corridors.

All Acoustic door sets produced by Brystewood (BrySound (TM)) across all ratings and apertures are backed up with in date product certification to British Standard BSEN ISO 140-3. Whilst not proof of onsite performance, it is a method of comparison of known regularised performance across manufacturers. Items like computer access walls, party wall construction and threshold gaps can all have a devastating reduction in overall performance.

Sound is transmitted in two ways through areas

  • By air movement through gaps in seals at thresholds and perimeter, poor glazing and lack of density of sound stopping product
  • Resonance of materials allowing specific frequencies within a spectrum to pass through unhindered.
  • The UK sound measurement system (SRI Index) is weighted toward the frequencies associated with speech (and music) and concentrates on blocking those able to be heard easily. The figure is given in Decibels and has a (rw) denomination at the end e,g 34Db(rw). The higher the figure the more sound is blocked.

    In normal use 98% of rating required are 35dB(rw) or less these can be accomplished by timber based doorsets. Above 35(dB) (with the exception of very larger High performance glazing vision panels) products become composite and involve a variety of materials ait gaps and deals to reduce material resonances. Doors over 35d(rw) start to become more expensive as materials and glazing become more complex.

    A common mistake is to specify the same decibel rating to a doorsets as that required in a party wall ( i.e. breezeblock or brick cavity) exemptions exist for this and the average of the whole area of the wall is taken with the doorset as a proportion.

    By manufacturing all the doorset in house we can be sure of compliance and quality control across all the sectors necessary to build up a complex doorset e.g.

  • Door Core
  • Acoustic Seal
  • Frame Section
  • Lipping sections
  • Timber Species
  • Glazing Systems
  • Glass types
  • Overall Sizes
  • Leaf Configurations
  • Intumescent Recipes
  • Ironmongery Settings
  • Machining Tolerances
  • Evidence to show compliance with building regulations may be obtained via Acoustic tests carried out at independent, nationally accredited laboratories. Typically UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited laboratories.

    Brystewood can provided fully certified Test Certification to BSEN ISO 140-3 for a variety of cores from Solid Laminated Timber Core to Particle board and composite cores the following weighted ratings:

  • BrySound 28dB(rw)
  • BrySound 32dB(rw)
  • BrySound 34dB(rw)
  • BrySound 35dB(rw)
  • BrySound 38dB(rw)
  • BrySound 40dB(rw)
  • BrySound 42dB(rw)
  • BrySound 44dB(rw)

  • With the appropriate seals most of these Acoustic Doors can also have a fire rating.